About Us

Have you ever thought about what happens to your dollar after you spend it? Do you think it betters someone else's life after you're gone? At Camp Conscious Clothing, we help you turn those dollars into goodness.
Created by Cierra Laub and Chaz Rowlan, founders of Conscious Eatery, a philanthropic sandwich shop that donates one meal for every meal sold; over 45,000 to date. They understand how to take a simple thing like eat or purchase clothes, and change the world with it. 
"We are all a degree away from homelessness." - Cierra Laub (Seattle Times)
Coming from rough backgrounds hasn't stopped them from achieving their goals, and setting examples for many to follow. Camp Conscious Clothing is one of the many philanthropic companies they intend to launch. Focusing on high quality fabrics that last forever, timeless styles, and creative campaigns, they hope to create a ripple effect of good with every dollar spent. 

Every Time You Spend Money, You Cast A Vote For The World You Want